Our Brand Ambassadors Can Earn Commission In Cryptocurrency

Compound Films offers an ambassador program that pays out commission in bank payments or cryptocurrency payments. Brand Ambassadors are registered affiliates on the official website. When they are registered, they receive a unique promo code that grants clients a 20% discount and the ambassadors earn 20% commission on the remaining balance. The good new is, they have made it “new client friendly” which means clients can pay for their video “half now and half later”. When clients book a video with Compound Films, they are contacted for a meeting in person or over zoom video chat to discuss production details. 

When you earn commission as an ambassador, you have the option of requesting a payout in USD directly to your connected bank account or in cryptocurrency if clients pay using Bitcoin, Ethereum, or Litecoin. During checkout, clients are offered 2 payment methods according to the currency they want to pay in. If a recommended client uses an ambassador’s promo code and pays for their services using cryptocurrency then ambassador earns commission in cryptocurrency. To register as a Brand Ambassador, click the link below and sign up on our website.

Affiliate Dashboard