Compound Films offers an ambassador program that pays out commission in bank payments or cryptocurrency payments. Brand Ambassadors are registered affiliates on the official website. When they are registered, they receive a unique promo code that grants clients a 20% discount and the ambassadors earn 20% commission on the remaining balance. The good new is, they have made it “new client friendly” which means clients can pay for their video “half now and half later”. When clients book a video with Compound Films, they are contacted for a meeting in person or over zoom video chat to discuss production details. 

When you earn commission as an ambassador, you have the option of requesting a payout in USD directly to your connected bank account or in cryptocurrency if clients pay using Bitcoin, Ethereum, or Litecoin. During checkout, clients are offered 2 payment methods according to the currency they want to pay in. If a recommended client uses an ambassador’s promo code and pays for their services using cryptocurrency then ambassador earns commission in cryptocurrency. To register as a Brand Ambassador, click the link below and sign up on our website.

Affiliate Dashboard



For Hispanic Heritage Month, the biggest radio station in Houston invited Compound Films to highlight our studio. The interview is now featured on the radio stations’s social media accounts and official website. Compound Films shares their latest milestones and partnership with Kool-Aid and Macy’s. Watch the video and share it with your friends and let them know that 97.9 supports deserving businesses in Houston.



In partnership with, we are debuting a snackbox full of officially licensed Kool-Aid products in a giftable box. The items range from gummies, cotton candy, gelatin, yogurt, and more. This true American brand has lived in pop culture since the 1920’s and has remained innovative to this day. Now you can get all of Kool-Aid’s hard to find products in one box that is worthy of being put under a Christmas tree. 

Compound Films has worked with brands like Macy’s, Microsoft, Hilton Hotels, and more. The agency has created the slogan “Keep it Kool” to congratulate Kool-Aid on over 100 years in business. Kool-Aid was created in Hastings, Nebraska in 1927 by a genius named Edwin E. Perkins. In 5 years, this would make Kool-Aid a 100 year company.

$59.99 Pre-Order Now For A Limited Time


The Macy’s brand is positioning itself in the technology world to create an interactive experience. They have Macy’s Live where you can see new inventory and interact in real time. Macy’s knows that the key is to keep members in a buying loop by keeping them engaged with new ways to buy. The future will be about how companies can retain their mobile app members and grow their new members database going into 2023.

Compound Films has been recruited to create an opportunity that would help recruit Macy’s app members. The great thing is, the company has had successful collaborations like the “Have A Macy’s Christmas” campaign ad. Macy’s plans to roll out exclusive deals and events that would incentivize people using credit cards and making purchases to earn points. Compound Films has posted about the future of retail involving a marketing concept known as “gamification”.

Treat yourself to a limited time discount of 25% using promo code “ULTIMATE” during check out in the mobile app. Be sure to download the Macy’s mobile app by scrolling to the bottom of the page and click on the app store that applies to your mobile device. We are now moving away from the summer trends and entering into the fall and winter styles. Compound Films will be releasing ads and further details about the Macy’s app campaign that will last until September 28, 2022.




Compound Films is now offering livestreaming services for professional live events that allow attendees from all over the world to get a multilayered and interactive experience. When the audience posts a comment it is posted on the screen so people interacting with viewers can reply or grant requests. This allows people that aren’t in attendance to get an exclusive point of view and access special guests backstage.

Recently, we have been hired to power an event with multiple cameras at the C Baldwin Hotel in downtown Houston. This luxurious and upscake hotel will host the event non the weekend of 19th &20th of August. There is a new demand for livestream services as the power of participating in major events wirelessly grow.



When the studio opened to the public, we weren’t yet available on Peerspace. Months later, we hit a milestone of surpassing 17 bookings in one month earning a “Power Host” badge on the platform. When you earn this status, you get promoted by Peerspace and receive a dedicated support phone number.

The Google business page also increased via search and driving directions surpassing the overall traffic of 2021. Compound Films has also started receiving resumes from film students and young local aspiring filmmakers. We welcome all creators and business people to our studio 24 hours a day on Peerspace.



Compound Films has started the year strong introducing new packages that will help new artists and new business owners. The “Big Business” package includes a professional video or commercial with printed t shirts and a website with an online store. For music artists, this helps them build out their merchandise and a way for artists to build out their customer database. This means they can keep in constant communication with website members and customers to promote new projects and merchandise. This set up creates the opportunity for an artist to promote their merchandise in their music videos and helps direct new customers to their website for fast and easy purchases with discounted offers.

Business owners in various industries can benefit the most because all growing companies require marketing material and team uniforms. The best way to make an impression is a professional website with great photography of your team wearing your company’s logo. Spreading the word about your business can be challenging without a visual that best explains your company’s services and solutions. It is important for new businesses to be able to explain their business in a few seconds while capturing the attention of potential customers. 



– Professional Video/Commercial

– Professional Website With Online Store

– We Will Print 30 Shirts With Their Logo (Front Only)

– Photoshoot For The Merchandise/Team

BONUS: First 5 Customers Get Free $500 YouTube Ad Credit Towards Your Video


Our studio has boomed since the open in late 2021 as a result of our partnership. Located in the skyline district of downtown Houston on 720 Rusk St. Houston, TX 77002. We have helped produce numerous podcasts with high quality audio as well as high resolution video for youtube. Our most popular bookings have consisted of photoshoots in our studio and various locations inside our historic building. The reception from the public has been amazing as we have recently been contacted to host a film crew producing a documentary for Discovery Channel.

We are excited to continue to grow with the downtown Houston scene and establish it as a filmmaker hub. Our studio is designed to create a livestream podcast, music video, documentary, commercial, or VFX special effects. There is a lobby that can be used as a green room for food, snacks, and drinks during big shoots in our studio. The great thing about our location is that it is surrounded by restaurants and a high end wine bar is located downstairs in the building. The biggest perk is that the film equipment inside the studio is there for use during bookings as well as the RGB lights overhead.

To book our studio on Peerspace you can click the link below.



Compound Films is for business owners because we understand that entrepreneurs are super heroes that create something out of nothing. The economy has not been friendly since the pandemic started either. So we wanted to compile a list of small business grants (Free Money) that you can apply for for free. We have applied for these grants also but it would be cool to know that our deserving clients won the free business grants. Details below.

#1 Grow by Invoice2go – Small Business Grant

Grow by Invoice2go is our way of recognizing the contributions and untapped potential of small business owners from underrepresented groups.

Why apply?

1. Receive up to $15,000 to grow your company
2. Join the greater Invoice2go community of business owners — 50% who identify as women or BIPOC — for support and insight.
3. Gain access to exclusive workshops to help you win more work, build deeper customer relationships, simplify your operations, and so much more.

Who can apply?

1. You must be an owner of a business, a legal U.S. resident, and must be 18 years or older.
2. The business must be majority-owned by a legal U.S. resident who identifies as one or more of the following: Asian-Indian, Asian-Pacific, Black, Latino, Native American or Alaska Native, Arab or Middle Eastern, Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander, LGBTQ+, or as a person with a disability.
3. The business must be less than 5 years old, have no more than 10 employees, and have annual revenue equal to or less than $1M.

How to win 

1. Apply now by completing the form with your name, email, and photo. If you win, we’ll highlight your entry!
2. In 200 words or less, explain your business and how winning would support your business and community.

Terms and conditions apply


#2 Fast Break for Small Business

Fast Break for Small Business is a $6 million commitment in grants and LegalZoom services to help thousands of small businesses all over the country, and Accion Opportunity Fund is the nonprofit administrator of the program.


LegalZoom, the NBA, WNBA, and NBA G League are committed to helping small business owners everywhere, especially those who face obstacles because of who they are, who they love, or how they identify. Starting at NBA Tip-Off, the first of six grant cycles will open in this multi-year program. Here’s how this first cycle will work:

  1. $10,000 grants and $500 in LegalZoom services to 50 small businesses

  2. $500 in LegalZoom services to 950 additional small businesses

  3. Applications for the first grant cycle will be open from October 14 to November 23, 2021

  4. Grantees and LegalZoom services recipients will be notified and issued grants and LegalZoom services in January 2022

Ready to apply?

Small businesses are eligible to apply for a grant through Fast Break for Small Business if they meet the following criteria:

  • Must be based in the United States

  • Must have been in business for at least 6 months

  • Must have an annual revenue of less than $1 million

  • Must not be in one of these prohibited industries




The film world is is finally keeping a watchful eye on the fourth largest city in the US. Some of the city’s top players have relocated their film studios and offices inside the downtown loop. As of late, Rapper 50 Cent has become a new resident of Houston “green lighting” new projects set to hit streaming platforms. Compound Films wanted to create a stylish space to encourage new creators to come and produce video and audio content with their industry standard gear. All equipment comes included with desired set ups such as, livestreaming, film, photography or business office.

Texas has relaxed policy when it comes to production sets and film environments making it an attractive new home for many out of towners. We are also a Comcast market which allows us to run ads on cable television in Houston as well as free public channels. Compound Films currently has a deal with Hulu to distribute ads on their streaming platform in between popular TV shows. There is also a partnership with Google that distributes their produced ads in between trending content. The Compound Films studio is now open to the public located at 720 Rusk St. Houston, Texas 77002 and now accepting bookings online.