Compound Films Studio Opens To The Public

The film world is is finally keeping a watchful eye on the fourth largest city in the US. Some of the city’s top players have relocated their film studios and offices inside the downtown loop. As of late, Rapper 50 Cent has become a new resident of Houston “green lighting” new projects set to hit streaming platforms. Compound Films wanted to create a stylish space to encourage new creators to come and produce video and audio content with their industry standard gear. All equipment comes included with desired set ups such as, livestreaming, film, photography or business office.

Texas has relaxed policy when it comes to production sets and film environments making it an attractive new home for many out of towners. We are also a Comcast market which allows us to run ads on cable television in Houston as well as free public channels. Compound Films currently has a deal with Hulu to distribute ads on their streaming platform in between popular TV shows. There is also a partnership with Google that distributes their produced ads in between trending content. The Compound Films studio is now open to the public located at 720 Rusk St. Houston, Texas 77002 and now accepting bookings online.

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