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Compound Films is for business owners because we understand that entrepreneurs are super heroes that create something out of nothing. The economy has not been friendly since the pandemic started either. So we wanted to compile a list of small business grants (Free Money) that you can apply for for free. We have applied for these grants also but it would be cool to know that our deserving clients won the free business grants. Details below.

#1 Grow by Invoice2go – Small Business Grant

Grow by Invoice2go is our way of recognizing the contributions and untapped potential of small business owners from underrepresented groups.

Why apply?

1. Receive up to $15,000 to grow your company
2. Join the greater Invoice2go community of business owners — 50% who identify as women or BIPOC — for support and insight.
3. Gain access to exclusive workshops to help you win more work, build deeper customer relationships, simplify your operations, and so much more.

Who can apply?

1. You must be an owner of a business, a legal U.S. resident, and must be 18 years or older.
2. The business must be majority-owned by a legal U.S. resident who identifies as one or more of the following: Asian-Indian, Asian-Pacific, Black, Latino, Native American or Alaska Native, Arab or Middle Eastern, Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander, LGBTQ+, or as a person with a disability.
3. The business must be less than 5 years old, have no more than 10 employees, and have annual revenue equal to or less than $1M.

How to win 

1. Apply now by completing the form with your name, email, and photo. If you win, we’ll highlight your entry!
2. In 200 words or less, explain your business and how winning would support your business and community.

Terms and conditions apply


#2 Fast Break for Small Business

Fast Break for Small Business is a $6 million commitment in grants and LegalZoom services to help thousands of small businesses all over the country, and Accion Opportunity Fund is the nonprofit administrator of the program.


LegalZoom, the NBA, WNBA, and NBA G League are committed to helping small business owners everywhere, especially those who face obstacles because of who they are, who they love, or how they identify. Starting at NBA Tip-Off, the first of six grant cycles will open in this multi-year program. Here’s how this first cycle will work:

  1. $10,000 grants and $500 in LegalZoom services to 50 small businesses

  2. $500 in LegalZoom services to 950 additional small businesses

  3. Applications for the first grant cycle will be open from October 14 to November 23, 2021

  4. Grantees and LegalZoom services recipients will be notified and issued grants and LegalZoom services in January 2022

Ready to apply?

Small businesses are eligible to apply for a grant through Fast Break for Small Business if they meet the following criteria:

  • Must be based in the United States

  • Must have been in business for at least 6 months

  • Must have an annual revenue of less than $1 million

  • Must not be in one of these prohibited industries




The film world is is finally keeping a watchful eye on the fourth largest city in the US. Some of the city’s top players have relocated their film studios and offices inside the downtown loop. As of late, Rapper 50 Cent has become a new resident of Houston “green lighting” new projects set to hit streaming platforms. Compound Films wanted to create a stylish space to encourage new creators to come and produce video and audio content with their industry standard gear. All equipment comes included with desired set ups such as, livestreaming, film, photography or business office.

Texas has relaxed policy when it comes to production sets and film environments making it an attractive new home for many out of towners. We are also a Comcast market which allows us to run ads on cable television in Houston as well as free public channels. Compound Films currently has a deal with Hulu to distribute ads on their streaming platform in between popular TV shows. There is also a partnership with Google that distributes their produced ads in between trending content. The Compound Films studio is now open to the public located at 720 Rusk St. Houston, Texas 77002 and now accepting bookings online.



Texas has been a favored destination as of late while many are moving here to cash in on the booming real estate market. Some have been whispering about Austin, Texas being a future baby version of Hollywood but some have argued that Houston will be the film hub of the future. Film directors are snatching up warehouses and offices that can be converted into studios that can be booked on platforms like Peerspace. There is an anticipation for new Houston residents that need somewhere to produce major multimedia projects.

Compound Films wanted to be amongst the hustle and hype that lives in Downtown Houston as young creators are flocking to the dynamic scene. Everything in the city is in either direction and you get the lavish lifestyle of Midtown and Memorial luxury living. Compound Films is located on 720 Rusk Street neighboring the historic Theater District and parallel to Houston’s new family friendly bicycle scene that cruises throughout the heart of downtown and loops Buffalo Bayou Park. This is a perfect time to be accessible amongst clients and new creators that are visiting Houston. Our office is on the 3rd floor of the Expansive building boasting state of the art film equipment with cutting edge livestream technology.

720 Rusk St

Houston, Texas 77002



Here recently, Compound Films did a deal with Hulu for major promotion. The company has already onboarded multiple companies onto the popular streaming platform. This has increased the exposure that newly produced projects get when they are completed.  The latest ad to be added was a coffee company from Los Angeles, California named “EH3 Coffee”. They were able to drive traffic to their official website by using an exclusive promo code.

The great thing for music artists is that they can now promote their music videos and albums on Hulu. They can add a scannable QR code to their promo video that will lead viewers to their social media accounts or artist pages. This is a great way to reach a new audience and build a new fanbase. We also promote on all social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Tik Tok.

For local businesses and artists, the company also runs ads on local cable channels that drive traffic to a physical location locally in a preferred city. Tik Tok also favors local businesses because the platform is used to promote restaurants and local shops. Regardless of the mission, Compound Films can put your brand front and center in front of your future audience. Our new packages start at $1,500 to get the minimum ad slots on each platform.


We are celebrating the end of 2020 and being proactive in the possibility that the world will end next year. Nothing is guaranteed except the great time you can expect to have on December 28th at Warehouse Live in Houston. The comedic performances will be hosted by Netflix comedian “Chingo Bling”, Javi Luna, Bryson Brown, and Jessi Saldana. Of course, masks will be enforced because we don’t want you to catch that covid like feelings.
VIP Tables are available for $200 and seat up to 4 people with safely sanitized countertops and chairs. General Admission tickets are sold in pairs of 2 for $60 with sanitized and socially distanced paired chairs. VIP tables are limited so it is encouraged to purchase tickets early while available. Tickets can be purchased with the links below.


Hulu has branded itself as the home for popular tv shows and the alternative to cable television. The platform has masterminded a plan to invite reputable business owners to advertise on their platform. This is a good thing to keep streaming costs low and to support the people that consume Hulu’s entertainment. As of late, Netflix has announced a higher monthly fee to watch the current inventory of comedy specials and self ranked “trending” movies.

The reason that Compound Films is excited about the opportunity granted by Hulu is because we work with “Minority-Owned Independent Businesses”. This means that any client of ours can get major digital reach for their new commercials and advertisements. In the last lockdown, many businesses were scrambling to stay open and forced to be creative with their products and services. We will be able to selectively market to an audience that relates most to the products marketed. 

This also means that Compound Films can take their services to the next level as well as capture significantly more marketing and advertisement dollars from business owners. Our brand ambassadors are excited for the exposure and marketing because it will make it easier to sell our services in new markets. Our brand ambassadors earn 20% commission on all services and products sold from our website. Seeing our services being marketed on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Tik Tok, Hulu, and Xfinity will help bring new eyes and new ambassadors to the company.



Houston — As the Coronavirus quarantined the world, streaming was at an all time high. Netflix’s stock saw a surge when work from home orders were issued making it soar to over $500. Movie theatre chains like AMC were left for dead amidst orders to close it’s doors during this pandemic. Their stock plummeted to under $4 and the rumors of an Amazon buyout quickly fizzled as the theatre giant returned to former investors to structure a new lifeline.

“Theater Closed” signs are posted in front of the AMC Montebello movie theaters in Montebello, Calif.

In this time, Compound Films has been busy creating relationships with Film Directors, Screenplay Writers, Actors, Technology Developers, Business Managers, Music Artists, and Venture Capitalists to design a 5 year plan that will ultimately carve out a new local Hollywood in Houston, TX. Recently, the social multimedia company Compound Films has finalized a partnership with streaming giant Netflix and household giant Amazon Prime to distribute future film projects as well as exclusive merchandise and digital products on Amazon Prime for these projects. You can expect a Comedy and a Movie/TV series to be developed and screened in 2021.

Netflix logo is seen on the smartphone screen with coronavirus sign in the background in this illustration photo taken in Poland on March 21, 2020. (Photo by Jakub Porzycki/NurPhoto via Getty Images)

The future world with Covid-19 is unclear but it is highly encouraged to “pandemic proof” your businesses models and supply chains. The umbrella company New App Kings LLC plans to also distribute comedy specials produced by the Laugh Out Loud Comedy Tour and distribute licensed merchandise by signed comedians on Amazon with 2 day delivery. Compound Films is also producing Virtual Reality content and developing a “VR Venue” that will screen live VR comedy shows, TED talks, music concerts as well as 3D films produced in VR format. The VR Venue will be accessed through an app you can download on the app store and will pair with a VR headset that will enter you into the show. This technology suggests that the future for AMC might be to distribute movies in VR because headsets can be used at home while sitting next to thousands of people in digital rows of seats watching and chatting about the presentation in real time.

instagram: @bycompoundfilms

Compound Films is embracing the new “normal” and positioning the company to offer services digitally. The future of professional content production is collaborating with clients remotely around the world. Businesses still have to advertise and promote themselves on social media and video platforms like Youtube. The plan is to continue to work with longterm clients and develop a creative workflow utilizing Zoom video conferences to produce promotional campaigns.

All music video packages include multiple locations, professional drone, and 4k ultra hi-res cameras.


  • Multimillion Dollar Mansions
  • Luxury Cars
  • Video Models
  • Fire/Snow Machines
  • Professional Production Studio Sets
  • and so much more to enhance your production..

Our business commercial services include multiple locations, professional drone, and 4k ultra hi-res cameras.


  • Session In a Professional Production Facility on Colored Backdrops
  • Employee Actors
  • Studio Voice Recording.
  • and much more..


Media agency “Space15” created a digital artist using artificial intelligence by inserting melodies and lyrics into a program that takes all these elements and produces a final song. They created an artist named “Travis Bott” and this is what what they came up with.

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The song even includes Scott’s trademark ad-libs, and has extremely Auto-Tuned vocals and absurd rhymes, such as:
I ain’t got the surfers ’cause I know I’m not that hard
But I got all my old bitches mad by the bars
Thinkin’ at the Grammys, in the family, I got stars
Try to put in the plane, but the blame be on the cars

Space150’s executive creative director, Ned Lampert told Adweek the project wasn’t created for any specific client. “We were sort of fascinated with like, ‘What if we tried to make a song—like an actual good song—by using AI and basically creative directing AI?‘” he said. “And so we chose Travis Scott just because he is just such a unique artist and he has a unique sound and everything sort of has an aesthetic to it, both audibly and visually.”