Compound Films has started the year strong introducing new packages that will help new artists and new business owners. The “Big Business” package includes a professional video or commercial with printed t shirts and a website with an online store. For music artists, this helps them build out their merchandise and a way for artists to build out their customer database. This means they can keep in constant communication with website members and customers to promote new projects and merchandise. This set up creates the opportunity for an artist to promote their merchandise in their music videos and helps direct new customers to their website for fast and easy purchases with discounted offers.

Business owners in various industries can benefit the most because all growing companies require marketing material and team uniforms. The best way to make an impression is a professional website with great photography of your team wearing your company’s logo. Spreading the word about your business can be challenging without a visual that best explains your company’s services and solutions. It is important for new businesses to be able to explain their business in a few seconds while capturing the attention of potential customers. 



– Professional Video/Commercial

– Professional Website With Online Store

– We Will Print 30 Shirts With Their Logo (Front Only)

– Photoshoot For The Merchandise/Team

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